About Me

My name is Lashonda Love and I am a storyteller and interdisciplinary artist based in central Ohio. I am the author of TAKE THIS WITH YOU, creator and narrator of the Extraplanar Radio Show and Restless Ghosts, and founder and Creative Director of UnBound Arts Collective. My work is deeply informed by daydreams of rest and liberation, identity, nature & romanticism, witchcraft, death & grief, chronic illness, eco-futurism, anarchy, gender, lust, and the nuances and intersections of all.

About This Publication

Creature//Creative (this substack) is an outlet for artistic expression, a place for project updates, and a space I hope to fill with resources for creatives of all kinds. It began as a monthly newsletter and continues to evolve and grow - I am so glad you are here and hope our community continues to develop and thrive together.



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can you even call it art?


Storyteller | Interdisciplinary Artist | Resident Nerd